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Nitrogen gas generator

Nitrogen gas

Price image of nitrogen gas (Japan domestic-base data)

Physical properties
Physical properties Nitrogen
Composition of dry air 78.03vol%
Molecular weight 28.02
Melting point [K] 63.29
Boiling point [K] 77.35
Critical pressure [MPa] 3.29
Critical temperature [K] 126.05
Compressibility factor 0.292

Nitrogen gas purity and gas generation method
  Cryogenic type Pressure swing adsorption type Membrane type
Pressure swing adsorption type + purifier
N2 gas purity
O2 concentration (in N2 gas)
Dew point
Flow rate 100 - 100,000m3/Hr 0.05 - 300m3/Hr
(High purity: - 100m3/Hr)
1 - 150m3/Hr
Group achievement
Onsite Gas Supply: 5 units
Cryogenic-type air separation
equipment: > 350 units
Onsite gas supply: 9 units
Pressure swing adsorption
equipment: > 300 units
> 200 units

Applications of nitrogen gas: N2 gas used in various markets
Food market Metal / Resin market Machining market
No oxygen sealing
Food preservation and gas filling wrapping insertion
Controlled Atmosphere storage
Oxidation proof, freshness keeping
Quality preservation of dry goods
Pressure feed of beer, and others
Laser beam machining/ cutting stainless steel (No oxygen cutting)
Heat treatment (Cooling: metallic vacuum heat treatment furnace)
Oxidation proof
Atmosphere maintenance, cooling, and others.
Dry cutting (in Japanese)
(in place of cutting and grinding lubricants)
Decomposition/discoloration prevention
Oxidation proof, and others
Chemical market Automobile market Electric / Electronic market
Explosion-proof seal
Deterioration prevention
Pressure feed
Cooling, and others.
Filling tires (air leakage/pressure change prevention), and others Anoxia atmosphere soldering
Welding or connection atmosphere gas
Drying and sealing chemical agent
Oxidation proof, and others.
Nitrogen application
Used in the chemical industry 36.1%
Electricity-related 29.9%
Dealers 7.2%
Iron and steel / nonferrous 5.7%
Food 5.4%
Machinery-related 5.2%
Others 10.5%
(Estimated from the published Japan domestic-base data)

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Company profile Gas generator Nitrogen gas generator Nitrogen gas Contact us

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