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Gas generator

Gas generator

Major gas generation (separation) technologies are described as below.
For separating nitrogen and oxygen, the major compositions of air, the optimum method is selected according to the application map on the right, for a required flow rate, purity, etc., in consideration of its economical efficiency.
Conceptual diagram for selection of nitrogen gas generation methods
Pressure swing adsorption type
Pressure swing adsorption type
Oxygen or nitrogen is selectively adsorbed with adsorbent. The components adsorbed under pressure are desorbed by depressurizing. It is called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) because of such repeated pressurizing and depressurizing.
In generating nitrogen gas, high purity nitrogen gas (about 99 - 99.99%) (containing argon) is separated, using the difference in adsorption speed between nitrogen and oxygen. In addition, higher purity nitrogen (99.999%) can be achieved in combination with Purifier.
The capacity ranges from 1 NL/min to several 1000 Nm3/h. Some small-scale equipment is shipped as assembled in a cabinet, while some large-scale plant is assembled on the site.

Membrane method
  Hollow fiber membrane permeability rateIt uses the filtration effect by hollow fiber membranes. High purity nitrogen gas (about 95 - 99.9%) is separated, using the difference in membrane permeability characteristic between nitrogen and oxygen when delivering high-pressure air to a membrane module. Among various types of generators, it is used in where relatively low purity nitrogen is required comparing with other methods. Once compressed air enters a hollow fiber membrane, moisture, oxygen, and CO2, which are permeable through membranes, passes through the membrane, while nitrogen and argon, which are not permeable through membranes, are separated as a product.
Membrane methodThe selectivity of gases is enhanced when the pressure and temperature of feed air are high.
It is generally shipped as a unit packaged in a cabinet, which contains a required number of modules (photo on the above), a bundle of hollow fiber membranes (photo on the left), according to the required purity and flow rate of the generated gas.

Cryogenic type
  Cryogenic typeHigh purity gases (more than 99.999%) are extracted using the difference in boiling point (b.p.) among nitrogen (b.p.=-195.8oC), oxygen (b.p.=-183oC), and argon (b.p.=-185.7oC), in the liquefied air. It is suitable where a large amount of high purity nitrogen is required.
A small-scale 150 Nm3/h equipment requires a space of 10 x 20 m. Kobe steel, Ltd. has been involved in manufacture of this equipment since 1930s, and has abundant experience both in and outside Japan.

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Company profile Gas generator Nitrogen gas generator Nitrogen gas Contact us

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