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The personal information you entered will be used for guidance, offer, development, and market research regarding our industrial machines and industrial gases, as well as for response to your inquiry.
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For details on how to handle the personal information obtained on this page, please contact the following address.

Shinko AirTech, Ltd. Engineering Department
3-16, Haradadori 2-chome, Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 657-0837 Japan FAX:+81-78-261-6553

For any inquiry about the nitrogen gas generator, please fill out and send the following form.

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1. Field of consideration    
Usage of gas
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2. Stage of consideration Exploratory stage
Basic test stage
Commercialization stage
Implementation stage
Conditions under considerationPlease enter available information.
1. Conditions for use of gas
(1) Purpose of use
(2) Purity (Vol%)
(3) Required pressure (MPa)
(4) Dew point (oC)
(5) Amount used maximum / minimum / average (Nm3/h)
(6) Operating time /Day /Month Year (Hours)
(7) Operating temperature (oC)
2.Existing equipment
Existing equipment None Yes : Storage Tank liters, Vaporizer Nm3/h
Backup equipment Unnecessary Necessary: Tank liters, Vaporizer Nm3/h
(1) For power V, Hz, three-phase
(2) For instrumentation V, Hz, single phase
(3) Price (USD/kWh)
3-2.Cooling water
(1) Pressure (MPa)
(2) Temperature (oC)
(3) Price (USD/m3)

4. Planned installation site Indoors Outdoors
5. Others Special notice, such as noise, exhaust gas, and drain restriction, etc.
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Company profile Gas generator Nitrogen gas generator Nitrogen gas Contact us

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